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Friday, November 9, 2012

Mystery Host Party

Don't want to host a Scentsy party but want the benefits of host rewards? This is for you! I am putting on a Mystery Host Party online from now until the end of December.

So what does this mean? Anyone who makes a purchase online using the link will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win the host/hostess rewards. There is NO MINIMUM PURCHASE to be entered however you must order no later than 10pm on December 31th, 2012.

 Also you DO NOT have to be local to win. Hostess rewards will be shipped directly to you with no shipping charge. I will pick a name at random January 2 nd and contact you to pick out your host/hostess rewards.
There is a Mystery Host Scentsy Party going on right now!
When you join this online party you will receive
tickets in the following ways:

1 Chance for every $30 you spend

2 Chances if you email me the name of the guest you invited
            (you must have purchased at this party)

3 Chances if you host your own online or book party

4 Chances if your guest books their own party

5 Chances if your guest becomes a Scentsy Consultant
           (invite those you know that need some extra Christmas money)

6 Chances if you become a Scentsy Consultant (do you
            need some extra Christmas money?)

After the party is over, I will be holding a drawing to see who
the mystery host will be, using! The winner gets ALL the hostess gifts for this party.
This is a great chance to get lots of FREE Scentsy!
I hope to see you soon. To join this party,
visit my website at

go there, at the top of the page and Look under
"My Open Parties". Then choose the "Mystery Host Party".
I hope you are my Mystery Host!

To qualify for the drawing you MUST ORDER USING THIS LINK!!! You should see the phrase "Mystery Host Party" in green towards the top of the page when you open this link. That is how you know you are in the right place. :)

Please Note: Hostess rewards are not earned until the collective sales of the party reaches $150 before tax and shipping. If this party does not reach this amount and I cannot award host/hostess rewards then I will mail each person who ordered under this party a small gift instead. I will update as orders come in to let you know where we stand.
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