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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Tisket, a Tasket what's in a Scentsy Party Basket?

Scentsy Basket Parties. What are they? I get this question a lot. In a nut shell they are a great way to share Scentsy with folks who are unable to hold a house party, or live out of town. Most, know about home parties where you invite over some friends and the Scentsy consultant presents the items. The products are there to see, smell, sample and purchase, if they wish.

It all starts with a container of some sort. This could be a tote, a basket, or some small type of carrying case. Then you fill it with Scentsy products. You definitely want to include the scent testers. The mini ones are less expensive to mail and replace, if something happens to them. A few from each category should be fine. Include order forms and catalogs, and don't forget some Join brochures.

If the baskets are hand delivered, pack your basket with other goodies, like scent paks, samples of a Layers product, maybe a plug in, travel tin and room spray. Anything you think that the hostess may want to see. Keep the ones you mail away basic. Catalogs, order forms and join brochures, with some mini testers. It's always a good idea to inventory what you send and make sure you and the hostess each have a copy.

Make your basket available for friends and family to earn free and half priced Scentsy. The hostess must sell $150.00 worth of product to earn the free and half priced product and all will get free shipping! The hostess can take her Basket party with her to the office, school, and wherever else she may wish to share. IMPORTANT!!! Remind hostesses that the wax will melt in the car during warm weather

Here are some online pictures of basket parties to help you get ideas for your own baskets. Have fun, be creative!

What a great idea!  Host a Basket Party.
If you would like more information about hosting a Scentsy basket party, or joining Scentsy please feel free to contact me at or my website

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